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Dec 27, 2019

Today, I want to announce that we have officially started our own REIT- Real Estate Investment Trust. It will be out next month since we don't want to incur any tax and file tax returns so we decided to start it in a new year.

We are also positive that we will be officially announcing our first purchase in a short time. The name of our Canadian REIT is called Distinct Real Estate LP.

To start with, our primary focus is to invest in the stable job markets in the US. We already have researched and established target investments based on the factors where:

  • Average Rental Rates increasing is above national average year-over-year.
  • Unemployment rate is lower than national average.
  • Real Estate appreciation rates are higher than most of the cities and towns.
  • Annual population growth is higher than national average.

Based on our findings, where minimum wage is just above $7 USD, people have to work for about 90 hours a week to afford a single bed house and 112 hours/week for 2 bedroom house.

So many people earning that kind of money has to have a place to live and that's why we are primarily focusing on affordable housing where our target rent is $500 USD or higher.

Our investment mandate would be to acquire cash flow generating apartments for as low as $25,000 per unit. Renovate units as required to maximize rental revenue. Increase our operational efficiency and reduce overhead costs. Pay down mortgage from rental income and build equity for investors.

The investment opportunity is open for cash investors only and certain accredited investors with minimum investment amount of $50,000 USD and return usually paid out quarterly.

Again, all the terms and conditions are not finalized as of yet and when it will, I will send out more information through my email and also update it on my website;

To find out more about our REIT.

Again, if you're thinking till year end to invest in real estate and want to learn more, book a strategy call with me to join my program 90 Days to $5K.