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Jan 20, 2020

I've already done that. I've seen that before. I already took that class, you're not teaching me anything new. How many times have you heard that stuff coming out of your mouth? I've been at events and you know maybe a little boredom cuts in and they start thinking you know what I already know this but what I've learned is....

If you are not performing at the level that you want to be performing, you need to do it again!

If you go to a jujitsu class and you're not any good at it but you don't care, then don't waste any more time there. But if you're at a class and it is something you care about whether it's your personal development or learning more about real estate then you know what- Suck it up.

Sometimes you have to sit through the story that you've heard two or three times already. Sometimes you feel low in confidence to do the things you want to do. If so then you should read a chapter called "The Self-Confidence Formula" in the book Think and Grow Rich. And read it out loud every single day so that you can build up that confidence.

If you don't have confidence to do the things you really want to then chances are you're going stagnant. It's fair to say that sometimes the things that didn't turn out well may not be well suited for you then it's okay to leave behind.

But when you need a motivation to achieve the goal to be where you want to in your life, then you need to keep finding that motivation again and again. Whether it's a mindset issue, confidence or anything else.

I sent my two teenage daughters to the "Goal Achievers Workshop" last weekend to Saskatoon and when they came back they were so motivated that one of my daughter started saying her goal out loud the next morning when she woke up.

And from her feedback, I am also going to invite them to the "Paradigm Shift" workshop presented by Bob Proctor this weekend. I know now what they want to achieve in their lives, but inviting again to this workshop will keep them motivated toward their goals and they will learn something new.

So, to keep yourself on track and motivated, sometimes you need to keep doing things again and again UNTIL you achieve your GOAL.

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