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Jan 27, 2020

As we come to the end of this first month of the new year, many of us are still quite focused on our intentions, goals, and resolutions for 2020. As great as the accomplishment of any specific goal may be, what we're almost always after with our resolutions, is positive and sustainable change.

Many of you keep trying to control and manipulate the situations, relationships, and outcomes in your life -- thinking that if they changed in the way you want them to, you'd then change and things would be better. It actually works the other way around."

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

We've all had this experience in our lives in both big and small ways. Back in early days of my life, I started working as a receptionist for a minimum wage. But my dream was to be rich and I knew what I wanted from my life. So I learned the skills I needed to be where am I at today. But learning doesn't stop as you reach one level, as I am constantly exploring better and newer options to keep myself up in the game.

My friends and family tried to protect me as the path I was taking is not easy and were saying that you'll get hurt in the process. I knew they were right, but I wanted to come out of that comfort zone and I did. By taking that risk, I got hurt in the journey but I am better off than before.

We need to change our paradigm so that we can become what we want to. If I would have believed what my family and friends were saying while I swas working as a receptionist, I wouldn't have achieved what I wanted to achieve. Our belief system are so ingrained in our life that sometimes we are scared to take the necessary steps to come out of it.

It's not always about everything you've learned, but it's about practicing the stuff that you already know you should be doing but you're not.

As the saying goes, Repetition is the mother of all skills; the patterns and strategies that you consistently repeat does not make you successful. What makes you successful is the fact that you can take a meta position [from a different perspective] to learn and understand your structure, and continuously evolve to make yourself better and better each time.

But many have struggled to know how to make it work for them. And I always tell them, if you know a person who has achieved what you're trying to achieve then go and learn from them. If you go out there and be with people you admire, people who have achieved it; people governed by their values, people who love and embrace life, people who contribute, people who make a difference in the world.

Remember, Nothing Changes Until You Change.

And if you need my help to change your paradigm and achieve your dream goal for 2020 or beyond, schedule a strategy call with me.

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