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Jun 15, 2020

We all want to have the perfect lifestyle. What I mean by perfect here is that your perfect lifestyle will be different than mine. Whether owning that dream car, having financial stability, life-work balance or whatever your mind desires.

For most people, however, it's not the case. And you know why? It's because the way we have been raised and taught. Certain things like owning that fancy car is not for us. Or you can't ask for everything in your life.

These beliefs are ingrained in our thoughts that even if someone tells you that you can achieve your desired income, you can also have the perfect fit body, great relationship with your spouse/family and financial abundance, you will have hard time believing it.

Those beliefs are your fix mindset which have been clouding your potential. Even if you want to see it through you can't see it yourself having the lifestyle you always want.

One of the things I help people with is becoming aware of what those thoughts are and once you are aware of your thoughts then you know what your limiting beliefs are and then you can change it. Remember, you can't change things you are not aware of.

Most of the time you may be thinking about I don't want to have any trouble at my work or I don't wish to have sick spouse. Of course, you don't wish for that. But if that's what you talk and think about then you are living in a reality. You don't have to live there all the time. Go live in the Imagination for a while and imagine about your life how you wanted it to be. Healthy, Happy and Wealthy.

You can live the lifestyle you want.

Many of us are conditioned,that you even don't know what you don't know. So one of the things I wanted to look at is your Results.

Do you have the relationship of your dreams? Do you have the job of your dreams? Do you have the career of your dreams? Do you get to do what you want to do on a daily basis?

Everyone has challenges and there's no way around that. But do those challenges help you to grow or you get stuck in your reality saying how terrible your life is?

The way you can change your reality is by changing your paradigms. When you start recognizing what is holding you back then you start knowing how to overcome your limiting beliefs.

So let me ask you a question.

Where are those paradigms holding you back?

There are two ways to overcome those paradigms. One is through a big emotional impact and another is through consistent, repetitive study which is generally brought around through coaching programs.

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