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Nov 9, 2020

What kind of Attitude do you have?

To develop a good attitude toward the world in general, each of us must first develop a good attitude toward ourselves.

We can't give to others something we don't have.

So it's the attitude we take toward ourselves which determine our attitude toward others, which radiates to the world around us.

When you see someone with a poor attitude toward others, you can be sure they have a poor attitude toward themselves. They don't like themselves. They're unhappy about something.

A person reflects their happiness in their attitude.

A person with a poor attitude most of the time is unhappy and frustrated most of the time, and they're a human magnet for unpleasant experiences. When they come, as they must because of their attitude, they reinforce their poor attitude, thereby bring more problems and so on. That person becomes a self generating doom fulfilling cycle.

But for the person with a good attitude, the same principle holds true in reverse. Expecting the best, that's what they get most of the time.

Now, why would a person persist in a poor attitude expecting the worst?

Well, we're so familiar with ourselves that we tend to take ourselves for granted; we tend to minimize what we can accomplish, the goals we can reach, and for some equally strange reason, we believe others can reach heights which we cannot! We tend to overlook the fact that there is enormous undeveloped potential within each of us, a great reserve of talent and ability which we habitually fail to use.

There are millions of human begins living narrow, darkened, frustrated lives, living defensively, simply because they take a defensive, doubtful attitude toward themselves and as a results toward life in general.

Attitude is the reflection of a person. What's going on inside shows on the outside.

One's attitude is incalculably powerful. It can bring about marvelous results for us. But we must train it, patiently, day by day.

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