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Apr 29, 2019

051 Mindset - Protect Your Confidence


Protecting Your Confidence is such a key when you are dealing with any kind of business and that was our topic today in Mindset Monday. Few years back I took a coaching course with Dan Sullivan on protecting your confidence and I refer it to myself all the time because it makes...

Apr 26, 2019

050 Educating Your Investors is Key to having them Invest with you


The topic today was about how to get investors to invest with you and I honestly believe the most successful way is to educate them about investing in Real Estate.

Most people don't understand about the business of Real Estate. For myself even though I...

Apr 19, 2019

049 Why Your Systems are So Important for Your Success


Today we discussed "Why Your Systems are so Important to Your Business" in Free Coaching Friday. As we all know, that our systems change as we grow.

One of the thing that I learned when I joined REIN is that each property you buy, you should have four file folders...

Apr 15, 2019

048 Mindset - What is Free Will?


Today our topic was"What is Free Will and Why does it matter in Mindset Monday". As you all know that I am a huge fan of Esther Hicks and the other day I was listening to her video about "Free Will" and I thought this would be a good idea to share with you all because how many times...

Apr 12, 2019

047 Should I Depreciate My Building?

This topic is kind of near and dear to us since we are considering depreciating our buildings this year even though we have not depreciated them before. As we were learning about this topic, I thought this would be good time to share this with you.

So, "Depreciation is the term used...